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How can we take you seriously, PapaRazzi?? March 23, 2009

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For those of us who have worked even one day in Africa and seen the suffering of those people living with AIDS, no, dying from AIDS, despite our faith, our religion, our background, we recognize the importance of sensitization and prevention campaigns that are candid, frank and practical.  Telling people not to have sex will not stop people from having sex.  GOD!  What is wrong with the Catholic Church??? Why must it still, when it comes to this very basic of human desires, walk the moral high ground?  And now it is doing so at the expense of lives of the most vulnerable people in the world.  Ya, PapaRazzi.  Of course people are going to cheer for you when you’re in their land, bringing them media attention.  But do you not realize that the entire LOGICAL world is laughing at your inane, ignorant and harmful assertion that the use of condoms increases the problem of AIDS???  If there is a God, she must also be wondering how you got hired.  Have you ever politely asked a dog to stop humping your leg?  What was the result?  My point exactly.  People will have sex with or without condoms, with or without information, with or without birth control.  Knowledge is power.  Give them ALL the options, including abstinence and condoms, and let them decide for themselves.

And we thought that the 21st Century would bring us a space odyssey, time travel and flying cars.  I am just so baffled at how we ended up with a retrograde church, trying to muster a following in the poorest countries of the world, playing on people’s fears, their desperate needs and their ignorance, just to increase its membership.  SHAME ON YOU PapaRazzi.  Good will, Good Schmwill.  Where is the goodness in oppressing the oppressed?

Get out a science book.  Read it.  Put the bible away.  Let simmer.  Add a cup of logic, a dash of intelligence, 30 years of statistics and mix well.  Wrap in latex and let rise.  Then go back to Africa and see what kind of message your mouth can provide to people who need to hear some common sense.



Things I’ve learned over the past 6 weeks March 11, 2009

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1. Transformation from human to goddess involves time, money and many safety pins.

2. Even when my fridge is virtually empty, I can make a gourmet dinner for two.

3. Cooking for two is inspiration enough to perform the miracle of the bread and the fish.

4. There is nothing better than having my dinner-making interrupted by a man who spontaneously pulls me into his arms to dance with him.

5. Swamplands have officially surpassed deserts as my favourite landscape.

6. Ping Pong, as benign as it appears, can actually cause destructive warfare.

7. Extra Virgin olive oil may be a misnomer.

8. A dirty oven, raw fish, a failed exam and six weeks are the four essential ingredients for love.

9. Eventually, the universe will conspire to make you happy.

10. Eventually, “merely” transforms into “perfectly”

11. Eventually, “whelmed” transforms into “satisfied”

12. Eventually, all that which we thought impossible and out of reach is caught by the gossamer thread shot forth by our souls.


WHERE IS EVERYONE??? January 28, 2009

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Sometimes it seems like everyone you know just disappears and you are competely alone.  This is one of those moments.   Stupid world.


Things I’ve learned in the past 15 days

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1. This is my default blog topic

2. For all the hype around Microsoft, Word’s automatic numerical formatting is still FUBARED!

3. Is it bad when wine becomes one’s comfort food?

4. It’s hard to justify the expenditure of 8 million dollars

5. I make a mean blackened Cajun sushi-grade tuna that must be eaten in an urban fashion

6. Funerals are great places to meet important people

7. All-nighters are just not as fun as they used to be when I was in university

8. I may be at the top of someone’s hit list

9. Skype isn’t always right, but most of the time it’s not far off

10. I’m ready for retirement.  Is 31 too young?


Confessions of Guest Author #2 January 16, 2009

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Oh Tirunesh you crack me up like no other blog aspires to!

Perhaps it is because I can picture you typing away, deep in thought, taking it out on the keyboard.

Perhaps it is because I LOVE metaphors and this one on Thermodynamics deserves to be recognized as a great one!

I mostly use metaphors to express myself to people with situations, events and analogies to stimulate a very different and “purer” form of comprehension, uncompromised by mere letters summoned together in the hopes they can express a feeling or an idea.

No wonder the word metaphora is a Greek word meaning transfer”!  The popular “Copy” and “Paste”, CTRL + C and CTRL+ V duo should be replaced by CTRL + M all together!

I have a dream that one day we can all be like David Strorm from The Chrysalids novel where we can just communicate with each other via telepathy and the expression “lost-in-translation” will be no more.

Until then, we have metaphors…


If it’s not Thermodynamics…

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…it’s certainly estradiol.  It appears that this hormone will prove to be my best friend and my worst enemy in this life. But, there is nothing to be done.  I was born with curves and I will die with curves.  Hopefully, at some point in between, I’ll be able to get myself under control.

Anyway, who’s not looking for an excuse?


On Thermodynamics January 14, 2009

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When I studied physics in university, I HATED thermodynamics.  There was something about it that I just didn’t get.  Today, it finally all made sense to me.  In a eureka moment this afternoon, it finally occurred to me that I am the poster child for Thermodynamics.

The First Law of Thermodynamics states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed.  It can only change forms.

The Second Law of Thermodynamics states that the Entropy of an isolated system always increases with time.  Entropy is the measure of disorder or randomness of energy and matter in a system.  As an example, because of the second law of Thermodynamics, the energy and matter in the Universe are becoming less useful as time goes on.  Perfect order occurred right after the Bing Bang when energy and matter and all the forces of the Universe were unified.

The Third Law of Thermodynamics states that if all thermal motion of molecules could be removed, a state of absolute zero (equal to -273 .15 C) would occur.  Basically, the Universe will attain absolute zero when all energy and matter is randomly distributed across space (i.e. when total entropy has been reached).

Now, if we apply these Laws to my life, it will quickly become apparent that I will be awarded the next Nobel Prize in Physics for being  the human embodiment of Thermodynamics.

As soon as I was conceived, the Big Bang of my life, if you will, I was the perfect little zygote.  It was at that moment that I was as ordered as I would ever be.  After delivery, disorder started to set in.  Through childhood and as a teenager I always felt like something wasn’t quite right.  In my “isolated system” of hot-blooded teenager all my hot molecules were located in my heart.  It was in those days that I was able to feel real passion without belabouring the consequences, since all the cold molecules were in my head. Very orderly, just as thermodynamics would explain.

In those days, I felt emotion like it was a concrete slate being cracked over my head or a soft blanket being wrapped around my shivering body.  Whether good or bad, the heat in my heart allowed me to feel love so profoundly, to find endless joy in the mating of snails and to throw myself head first into everything because I was only preoccupied with living in the moment without needing to consider the consequences.  Those few years in which I had a hot heart were the best in my life.

As time went on, I started to feel the symptoms of entropy.  The hot molecules were becoming more and more disordered as they moved to areas of low heat concentration.  The problem is that they didn’t heat any other parts of my body sufficiently to do any good.  As this process occurred, my life began to become more random, more disorderly.  I randomly jumped from one degree program to another, not knowing what field of study to pursue (this is probably why I never understood thermodynamics).  At different (and sometimes the same) moments all in my 20s I seriously wanted to be a neurosurgeon, a sex therapist, an astronaut, doctor, a lawyer, a rock climber and a kickboxer.  How random is that?  And yet, I actually thought one of those things would materialize.  Disorder became more apparent.

The age at which I should have been getting married or at least considering relationships, saw me starting to travel the world, getting lost in jungles, escaping kidnappers, surviving tropical diseases, and just generally succumbing to unbridled Entropy.  Where other people in my cohort are making plans for the future, following some kind of ordered path through life, I become less and less certain about what the heck to do with myself.

As all my heat molecules decrease in concentration from my heart, the potential energy that used to be manifested in love and passion has now been transformed (as per the First Law) into cynicism and judgement toward the world.  To muster that pre-entropy love energy is like trying to extract dissolved salt from water…impossible.  And when I think I’ve found it again, a shiver sets in to remind me, as per the Third Law, that the temperature of my heart is approaching absolute 0, as is, incidentally, the temperature of my ovaries…